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40 Things to do now that you’re 40!

I’ve been M.I.A. So, what have I been up to? Great question 🙂

Well… I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching. Trying to figure out my what’s next in life. I came across a few really great Blog Posts that have really got me thinking about some things that I need to be doing now that I’m the Big 4-0!

Below is a collective list from the posts that I’ve read:

  1. Become the Hostess with the mostest! Host tons of parties in your home and make them Fabulous! (No Plastic Ware)
  2. Work Out. Now that our metabolism is starting to slow down, it’s probably a great idea to get out there a discover new activities that are highly effective yet doesn’t have that gruesome gym feel. ( I used to do pole fitness and it was incredible!)
  3. Flirt! Get out there and do some innocent eye-winking.. So What you’re in a relationship so, am I. It’s harmless and it’s a huge Confidence/Ego Booster 🙂
  4. Babysit. Maybe you’re like me and have adult children that don’t have children but, maybe have a girlfriend that has young children. Why not give her a hand a keep the kids for her while she runs errands or treat herself to some much needed me time.
  5. Volunteer. There are some worthy causes and Organizations that are near and dear to my heart in which I take time from my crazy busy life and visit.. not weekly but, definitely a few times a year. It really feels good to give back!
  6. Take one hour a day, once a week to do something special for you!
  7. Take a nap during the day at least once a week or meditate.. it feels great!
  8. Go somewhere International.
  9. Host a Girls Night. Maybe a 40 and Fabulous.. Just Because.. It’s Fun!
  10. Conquer a fear. Is there something that you’ve always been afraid of? For me it was heights.. I moved to NY in 2013 and boy oh boy did I quickly have to get over that fear. My first NYC Apartment was on the 24th Floor and in order to enjoy my balcony. I had to learn to appreciate the beauty of being up that high up off of the ground. It actually wasn’t all that bad.
  11. Plan a girls night out. Get the girls together and go out for a night on the town. I’m 100% sure that they’d be down for some dancing and cocktails.
  12. Pamper Yourself. Check your calendar and make an appointment at that new Spa today.
  13. Moisturize your Face & Body. Try a new moisturizer and add to the old Beauty Regime.
  14. Drink tons of Green Tea & Pineapple Juice. I guess the antioxidants and health benefits are a must at this age 🙂
  15. This one is a personal fave… STOP wasting EVERYTHING! I really don’t know why I love this one so much but, it really stood out to me. Maybe I waste too much.. (Money, Time, Etc.)
  16. Stop buying unnecessary things. This takes me back to #15.. lol I can definitely think of a few impulse purchases that I now regret.
  17. Plan your Retirement.
  18. Don’t be a hoarder. So, about this one.. my Great Grandmother, and Grandmother were both hoarders and it broke my heart after they passed away and I had to clean up all of the clutter. It was then that I realized that my mom was on her way to becoming one as well again, it broke my heart when I helped her pack up things when she decided to downsize and move out of her home into a Condo. There were so many things that had to be thrown away or left behind which, truly made me realize that I NEVER want my children to experience this. I’ve simply learned to make serious edits to my life’s possessions and throw stuff away.
  19. Print Photos. Photo Albums are AWESOME. Create a Beautiful Album of your memories.
  20. Hang Out with your Family More.
  21. Give more Compliments. This one is really good for the soul.
  22. Be Friendlier. Remember, the old saying ” Treat others how you want to be treated”? Well, I love it when someone smiles and says Hello to me. So…
  23. Handwrite Thank You Cards. I know that it’s considered old fashioned now but, it is really a great gesture that’s always appreciated.
  24. Do what you’ve always wanted to do.. and, not what people expect you to do.
  25. Apologize to someone that you’ve owed an apology for a while.
  26. Do something in the bedroom that you’ve always wanted to do but, have never done. This one definitely raised an eyebrow for me but, then I realized that maybe I had my head in the gutter as the old folks say. Immediately, I thought about a DIY project that I’ve been dying to try. (Stay posted as that will be a Blog Post one day in the near future).
  27. Write your Will. I’ve always been afraid of this one but, this is the time where this is really important. Now, that I’m a homeowner and planning my retirement. I really need to think about the assets that I need to leave to my children.
  28. Dress Up more often. I actually love this one as I’ve always loved to play Dress Up as a child and as an Adult. I still love doing this to this day. With me personally I have a few Fabulous Alter Ego’s that I get to take out and introduce to the World. What??? Don’t judge me.. ummm BeyoncĂ© has one.. Remember, Sasha Fierce!Sasha Fierce
  29. Build Something. Again, this is another brow raiser. I immediately thought of Legos and Puzzles but, for me personally.. Because I’m building a “new” Business… It meant build my Brand!
  30. Spend more Quality Time with your kids.
  31. Make “new” Friends. This one will definitely liven up those Home Parties or that Girls Night In/Out.
  32. Quit that Bad Habit.
  33. Wear your glasses. They were prescribed to you for a reason.  They really aren’t  all that bad! I have a designer Eye Wear Wardrobe. Right before my 40th B-day, I had a conversation with a co-worker who gave me the run down on how Fabulous being 40 really is and I complimented her on her glasses and she Thanked Me and referred to them as her Eye Jewelry and at that moment I realized how truly Fabulous Eye Jewelry is. A different color, shape, and designer for every look! I love mine!
  34. Get a Weekly Massage. This is a great way to relieve stress.
  35. Wear Sunscreen. Remember, it’s all about beautiful, healthy skin and Anti-Aging from here on out.
  36. Having a mid-life crisis? Well, STOP! Freak out and Simply Move On.
  37. Smile. I know that you’ve heard about all of the wonderfulness.. the benefits of smiling. Not, only is it a great habit to start but, it may make someone’s day!
  38. Buy yourself something special. Celebrate being you! Last year I treated myself to a pair of $300 Diamond Stud Earrings & Michael Kors Bangles. This year simply because I’m 40 🙂 I’m thinking “new” Louis Vuitton Luggage.
  39. Take a Sexy Weekend with your Lover! Have that crazy kind of sex that you had in your early 30’s.
  40. And now… My hands down, Absolute favorite one of all… (please pardon my French) Give ZERO Fucks about what ANYONE Thinks. You are living this life and ultimately it’s up to you to live it the way you want to! You are the Boss.. and in control of YOU!

Anywhoo…. I hope you enjoyed the list.

I’m looking to purchase this book on Amazon.com this week.

Things to do now that you're 40 Book

I’ll do a review and let you all know what I think about it and if you should check it out.

Until next time…

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