DIY Project: Silver Metallic Framed Mirrors

This weekend I decided to devote my free time to doing a D.I.Y project that I’ve been planning since…like forever. Back in February I bought a really cute silver framed Mirror for my bedroom, fell absolutely head over heels in love.. seriously.. madly in love with the mirror and decided to purchase 2 more for my Living Room Walls. I wasn’t able to find the mirrors in Silver so, I ended up buying 2 gold framed mirrors. They were the same as the Silver Framed Mirror however, I didn’t love the gold as my entire home is different shades of Gray. I bought Silver Metallic Spray Paint in March because I found inspiration on Pinterest and figured that I can create my own Silver Framed Mirrors.  So, this weekend after cleaning my entire house. I decided that it’s a beautiful day out and went for it.


It was a very easy project and I feel disappointed that I waited so long to tackle it.

Anywhoo, here’s what I used:

Mask, Newspaper, Painters Tape, & Spray Paint

Silver Spray

Here’s what I did:

  1. Prepped an area in my yard (laid down a tarp) so, that I wouldn’t ruin my grass.
  2. Covered the mirrors with Newspaper and used blue painters tape to secure the paper (didn’t want to risk getting paint on the mirror).
  3. Covered my face using a cheap little mask that I purchased from the Dollar Store (to prevent inhaling the fumes from the spray paint.
  4. Held the Spray Paint Can approximately 2 inches away from the frame and sprayed the entire parameter of the frame.
  5. Let Dry for an hour.. Sprayed a 2nd coat.
  6. Let Sit for 24 hours.

**Always paint in a well ventilated area. I highly recommend using spray paint outdoors.

Welp, hope you enjoyed. Please come back to check out my next DIY Project!

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