Welcome to my Blog!


IAMQUEENB. is my new Blog Baby. I’ve always been super intrigued by people who were Bold, Fearless, and Confident enough to take their Creativity and put it to use by doing things that they love and are passionate about!

I am turning the Big 4-0 in two days and decided to gift myself with the Gift of Living Authentically Happy ! I’m on a Journey of Self Discovery and Celebrating Life!

During the course of my life I’ve become a Bold, Fearless, and Confident Woman and I’m ready to Celebrate Me and Do the things that I Love while discovering and sharing my Passions!


I have an amazing Career as a Mortgage Industry Professional, I’m a proud Mom, and Entrepreneur. However, I am a Pisces.. A super Creative Person by Nature! I am a person who enjoys Decorating my Home, DIY projects, Crafting, Cooking, and Home Repairs (A self proclaimed Martha Stewart or B. Smith with Style of course!).

I decided to create a Lifestyle Blog because in addition to being a wanna be Domestic Diva, I’m also a woman who is on a Journey to become the Healthiest and Most Beautiful Me that the Creator has Created me to Be!

In my 20’s and early 30’s I was obsessed with the superficial.. Makeup, Hair, and Nails. Now… that I’m approaching 40.. I’m all about that Beneficial Beauty.. Anti-Aging Products are EVERYTHING!!! With Beauty comes Well-being.. and now that I’m getting older I am no longer focused on the Superficial and GETTING BODIED like BEYONCE’ at  this age.

(been there and done that!)

o-BEYONCE-MIRRORS-BEYHERENOW-facebook ME 2013 weight loss

Beyoncé (Left) Me (Right) – I know it’s hard to tell the difference (lol) 😉 Yassss Hunni…. (That was me 4 years ago… at age 36!)

I lost the weight to prevent becoming diabetic and to lower my blood pressure as advised by my physician however, I went over board and became so obsessed with losing the weight that I lost too much and became depressed and unhappy with myself. Everyone around me was excited to see me so, small, strong, and healthy and it felt good to not have to worry about my health but, I wasn’t happy.

I had gained body image issues. I didn’t like the person in the mirror, and the Depression was no joke.  Long story short. I’ve gained my weight back, I’m Happy and Healthy and that’s all that matters to me right now. I look in the mirror now and embrace my curves. I’m in love with me!

My goal is to try new things and share my experiences with my readers, as I embark on this Journey of Happiness and Self Discovery. I am new to the whole blogging thing and love the idea of being a 40 Fierce & Fabulicious Blogger. All feedback is welcome.. Please fee free to ask questions: Brenda.iamqueenb@gmail.com. Leave Comments. But, ultimately I invite you to come back often to check out the new posts.

Thanks for Visiting,



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