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100 Law of Attraction Quotes from “The Secret”

  When I arrived at work today.. I needed a good quote to start off my work week. ¬†Before going into¬†our weekly in office meditation and I came across 100 of the Best Quotes from the Secret. The One quote that stood out to me today was: What are the things you are grateful for?… Continue reading 100 Law of Attraction Quotes from “The Secret”


It’s finally open… Press Room Cafe-Market!

After a complete year of searching for lunch spots, calling for deliveries, online orders, and Food Trucks. Our building has finally opened an official Cafe that's not only open to us (employees) but, open to the Public. I can honestly say that I'm super excited to have a new hang-out/lunch spot downtown. It has a… Continue reading It’s finally open… Press Room Cafe-Market!


DIY Project: Silver Metallic Framed Mirrors

This weekend I decided to devote my free time to doing a D.I.Y project that I've been planning since...like forever. Back in February I bought a really cute silver framed Mirror for my bedroom, fell absolutely head over heels in love.. seriously..¬†madly in love with the mirror and decided to purchase 2 more for my… Continue reading DIY Project: Silver Metallic Framed Mirrors

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My Family’s Beauty Secret

My first time experiencing Raw African Black Soap was over 20 years ago when my Grandmother gifted me a small bar of what she considered her "go to" beauty regimen. I initially thought that it was very disgusting due to it looking like some type of weird rock. However, to my surprise it was actually… Continue reading My Family’s Beauty Secret

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Water – The Ultimate Beauty Elixir

So Apparently‚Ķ Water is the remedy to all of life‚Äôs Beauty, Health, and Wellness Issues. For growing healthy; shinier hair‚Ķ drink more water! For a flawless complexion.. drink more water! For strong, healthy nails.. drink more water! For weight loss.. drink more water! I read an article this morning: Why Drink More Water? 6 Health… Continue reading Water – The Ultimate Beauty Elixir

Beauty, Health, and Wellness

New Practice: 10 Minute Daily Meditation

I've officially been 40 for almost 48 hours and it feels quite lovely. I woke up this morning not feeling very well and realized that since I'm on vacation (Staycation¬†that I've taken¬†from work to re-focus and relax).¬†Typically, we begin our work week with a Monday Morning in office Meditation Session that our Divisional Vice President… Continue reading New Practice: 10 Minute Daily Meditation